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May 1st - 26th

*Each class is 1-hour..*


5:30PM:  6th - 9th Skills

6:30PM:  Rookie Skills (K-3rd)

7:30PM:  Shooting (Level 1)


5:15PM:  2nd/3rd & 4th/5th Skills**


4:30PM:  Shooting (Level 2)

**This class is not for beginners.


Monthly Packages

4-Pack May Skills = $120

4-Pack May Shooting = $140

6 Pack May Combo (Skills & Shooting) = $195

8-Pack May Combo (Skills & Shooting) = $245


New Convenient Scheduling! 

Just buy a package then go pick your days each week for the month.  Choose the same day each week or a different one if needed for a certain week.  Want to take just 3 classes?  You can do that as well by signing up individually for each class, but save $$$ with the packages (package prices are the same or better than previous session pricing).  

How to Schedule Your Classes?
1.   Purchase a package.
2.  Then go below here and click Book Now on the class.
3.  Calendar will pop up.  Select your day for the first week of classes and add to cart.
4.  Repeat this process for EACH class day (same or different) you want to take each week.
5.  When finished, you'll choose pay by plan and it will apply the credits from your package.

*Note:  Book for EACH class that you want to take each week for entire the month BEFORE classes start.  This will allow us to get staff in place and possibly adjust the schedule for numbers purposes.

Skill Level Skills Academy

Our 1-hour small-group Skills Academy classes are offered for all skill levels to allow each player to pursue mastery of the fundamentals of the game.  Players will be grouped Classes are designed to maximize player development by providing fundamental skill instruction, breakdown drills, and small-sided games to improve their all-around game. 

  • Rookie Skills = Beginners & Adv. Beginners

  • Inter/Adv. Skills = Upper Adv. Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced

    • This class is not for Rookie Skill Levels.  It will be for players that have the basic skills of dribbling with both hands with control, basic dribble moves, pivoting, passing/catching, etc.  If they still have a hard time controlling their dribble, not really comfortable with crossovers/behind the back/starting to go between between the legs, passing/catching, still needing help with how to pivot on one foot, etc. then the Rookie Skills is the right spot no matter what age as everyone will need to work on establishing these before doing anything else.  We will still work on these things in the Intermediate/Advanced classes but should be more review/fine-tuning and ready to go to progress to the next level.

  • Advanced Skills = Intermediate & Advanced Only​


Skills Covered:

  • Ball Handling

  • Finishing

  • Individual Offensive Moves

  • Shooting

  • Passing & Catching

  • Defensive Technique

  • Rebounding


Each month (May/August/September/October) we will focus on different aspects of these skills in various situations in the game.


Classes are led by David McFarland with the assistance of another coach (current/former college and/or high school coach, former NKY college and/or high school player).   


Skills Academy classes will be co-ed and split based on skill level and learning needs. Class size will be limited to 6:1 player to instructor ratio or less to allow more individual feedback throughout each class.


1 Class = $35


4-Pack May Skills = $120

6 Pack May Combo (Skills & Shooting) = $195

8-Pack May Combo (Skills & Shooting) = $245

See Packages & Pricing for more details and to purchase packages.

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